Serving Launceston, Devonport, Ulverstone, Penguin, Burnie and Smithton.
Marketing services from Graphic Design to Video in Social Media. We can help you make magazines and websites, just contact us. We will make it as painless as possible and we have the experience.
We can even help you with the big stuff like company branding, product development and even wedding photos and video. With 27 years in the marketing and publishing industry, now working out of Penguin!
Marketing strategy, branding, design, digital, social media, websites, video, photography, marketing spend, merchandise and all of this without looking just like the guy next door.
‘Long Game’ ongoing marketing

‘In and Out’ marketing review

or maybe you just need “a friend”

Merchandising Promotional

We can help you with two kinds of merchandising. No lessons are needed, you know you need to be seen. Firstly branding that remains in your hands, including banners, wall posters, exhibition items, static stickers on machines and more. The other merchandise is what you give to customers to obtain ongoing free advertising on caps, shirts, key rings and more.