Solving your modern marketing dilemmas in agricultural marketing




Q: How many times have you checked your phone today?

A: INDIVIDUALLY 30 times on average (Australia)

Q: Before sleeping when do we last reach for our mobile?

A: 72% of all of us within 1 hour (Australia)


Why is social media important in Agriculture?

The Son’s are taking over the farms, while the older farmer still reads the paper, there has been an epic shift to social media. So much so under 49 are abandoning tv and print. If you are over 50 you already may be aware you check your device more times than you would like to admit. So there are two major groups to cover with your marketing efforts now, but there is a silver lining. Reaching thousands of farmers is now easier, faster and more cost effective with social media Along with this newspapers are more open to negotiation as readernumbers drop and TV is fighting to keep customers in the face of stiff competition on many digital fronts. TV ads may be aslow as $20/ 30 sec.



Some want to avoid facebook, however most people love it! And while a photo is nice and it helps you connect with your customers, VIDEO IS KING. Therefore as part of ongoing work, your business needs to appoint at least 1 person to round up video and photos regularly for publishing. Manufacturer videos and offers are also a source of regular content marketing which we can publish with access to the dealer network.

Why facebook? You have to be where your customers are.

Please note these are precision ads that target males only, interested in agriculture, in a specific geographical area. With facebook adverts - you only pay to present to a customer group that we/you select within parameters that suit your business.



We provide branded direct email service that allows you to communicate anytime with your customers. Email is still the number 1 way to reach a customer after a personal phone call. Your new email system not only allows you to promote your offers and business in general, it also does it in style with a Beautifully designed email and device compatible delivery system. All emails are tracked and statistics show who selected to watch a video download a PDF and even where they were when they opened it.

Why EDM? You have to be able to directly message your customer.


Typically a dealership group needs to budget per month for social media and EDM services. Print ads, TV ads, website and Catalogue are an additional consideration. Facebook and your social media including spend on boosting content like videos will typically be per month. There is no limit to how many photos you post, we do however photoshop most images supplied to make you look as good as you can. As for video, we source as much video as we can from your manufactures, and we will edit your own videos as well. Video editing can be very time consuming so we allow a couple videos (2 minute) a week in your budget ( when you supply video ) Video content will be loaded up to your own YOUTUBE channel. Monthly you can expect to do an EDM; once again your people need to provide content where possible to compliment manufacturer offers and information. We compile the information and make links to PDFs and youtube videos possible. EDM may cost 100 for the monthly software. Up to 5000 subscribers. This is a very brief outline of what we do (there really is a lot more to it), plus more details are available, or you might find a phone hookup more efficient.